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Innovative and highly energy efficient thermal clamping technology

Innovative and highly energy efficient thermal clamping technology

our sponsor Zoller Iberica, specialist in series production of measuring machines for tools, it show us your latest news that broaden its range of products related to the preparation of tools in machining facilities.

Minimized power consumption

Based on the extensive experience accumulated over two decades regarding the application of an OEM shrink system, specialists from Pleidelsheim have developed the shrinking systems from Zoller. These reduce energy consumption by contracting by approximately one 30%, compared to the previous model. This is ensured by the exact control system and the regulation of the heating and cooling processes by means of electronics and software developed by Zoller in combination with precisely controlled induction coils with two independent coil bodies..



Precisely controlled heating

Heating times and power supply can be precisely adjusted for each clamping process. This reduces the duration when heating and, thanks to its exact temperature guide, protects the thermal tool holder. Using the quick exchange interface, induction coils can be used 14 o 22 kVA to choose. Thanks to its flat design with a large inner diameter, induction coils are suitable for professional shrinking of short milling and drilling tools in all common shrink-fit holders on the market. The agile vertical guide of the reel holder provides maximum working ergonomics through linear guides with full weight compensation. during contraction, the coil holder is securely fixed pneumatically on the linear guide. Thus, users can quickly collapse various tools without getting tired. Shrink systems have been designed for tools with a maximum length of 480 from 600 mm.


Optimum work ergonomics

The direct intake of flue gases into the induction coils contributes to maximum occupational and health protection. Components and auxiliary means, as shield discs and cooling adapters for induction coils and refrigeration hoods, as well as cleaning brushes, gloves and storage rings are ergonomically accessible in a drawer on an optional bottom tray or on the side trays, by hand and respecting the ergonomics of the operators.


Staff are intuitively guided

The fast and process-safe shrinking of the various tools in any order contributes above all to the 'actbyLight' operating concept.. Guides the operators through each of the work steps. In the shrinkbyLight and coolbyLight functions, red and green light bars show each task to be executed or the status of the thermal toolholders when heating or cooling. Besides, Zoller pilot software with a particularly ergonomic design guides professionals. On a large touch screen 12,5 inches (image diagonal) color bars and large buttons are displayed. The latter can also be palpated with gloves.. In a few steps, the necessary parameters are selected and the thermal clamping process begins. By contracting and cooling, the colored lights on the devices show the steps to be executed, the components to be used and the respective process status. So, the staff reliably detects the beginning, the run and the end of the heating and cooling processes.


Sophisticated cooling system

The refrigeration system is just as comfortable and easy to use thanks to its optimal working ergonomics.. The refrigeration hoods are located in the housing adapters that are guided vertically lightly with a linear system. They can be guided both freely and through the vertical linear system, as desired and positioned on the stainless steel bits placed on the work surface. The control system developed by Zoller coolbyLight optically displays the process status for the cooling process. Optional refrigeration control is available. Automatically controls cooling on demand and also minimizes the energy consumption of the refrigeration appliance.

Ready for Smart Factory

The powerShrink series shrink systems have been designed as a sound future-proof investment for continuous digitization and the Smart Factory.. In standard refrigeration, tools provided with an idChip or a DataMatrix code can be scanned. The pilot software selects the appropriate parameters for the bit from the database. This avoids entering the parameters manually. Besides, transmission errors are avoided and contribute to the secure process. Besides, guarantees maximum transparency in the digitized tool circuit. The current status of the thermal toolholder and tools is known at all times, for example, the number of thermal clamping processes already finished.

Sophisticated technology in a seamless design

The design concept of powerShrink shrink systems 400/600 fully corresponds to that of other Zoller products. So, Shrinking systems fit seamlessly into the product range of the family-owned company and technology company from Pleidelsheim. With these contraction devices, E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG takes another important step to be a complete supplier for all processes and technologies for the measurement and provision of tensioning tools in the manufacturing company. Manufacturing companies benefit from a complete system from a single source. You can rely on sophisticated technology for all devices and components, avant-garde, highest quality and reliable service available worldwide.

Internationally recognized device safety

The inductive tool shrinking systems of the powerShrink series stand out for their ergonomic design, its function of maximum reliability and its safe operation. They comply with occupational safety regulations in accordance with the guidelines of the technical supervisory bodies in Germany and North America and have been certified by TÜV and UL / CSA in accordance with current international guidelines IEC 61010 and cNRTLus.