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Tebis Iberia organizes a new ProLeiS webinar

Tebis Iberia organizes a new ProLeiS webinar

Tebis Iberia, sponsored by Aspromec, specialized in software, invites them to webinar ProLeiS framed within the MES benchmark and hand in hand with Tecnoconferences, the next 7 June at 11:00.

In this webinar they will present the MES who use Porsche, BMW, Mercedes o Volkswagen in Germany o Toyota in USA to plan the manufacture of your dies, that you can bid quickly and efficiently by having all of its capabilities (finite) in real time, seeing immediately the cost and delivery date. Once the order is received, you can plan the complete die BOM in minutes thanks to automation using templates. Automatic software capacity compensation allows you to take full advantage of all resources with the push of a button.

Using traffic lights, the software will inform you of the status of the tasks prior to yours, only when they are all finished will it allow you to start yours.

The virtual Lay-out allows you to see all your resources at a glance and manage them in real time.

It is MES integrates to 100% with the CAD/CAM Tebis for, Among many other things, import machining times estimated by lukewarm and automatically integrate it into planning. Of course, role design, document management, connection to machines and software, los KPIs, use from mobile, internal logistics or quality are also an important part of the software.

If you're interested, register in the webinar no 14 here.