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The Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC) has its offices in:

C/Painter Díaz de Olano nº 18 low PC: 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz (alava)

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our sponsor, lukewarm, celebrate a new Open House, the days 24 y 25 of May, a Martinsried, near munich. The highlights of this edition will revolve around topics such as efficiency and process automation. It will feature an extensive program with numerous industry experts and technology specialists from Tebis. Besides, there will also be an exhibition area with its partners, where you can discuss solutions and strategies for the main challenges of....

Tebis Iberia, company dedicated to the development of CAD/CAM/MES systems for the manufacture of parts and components and sponsor of Aspromec, will take a CAM system course, next to the Practical Training Center, aimed at employed workers and unemployed people, who have notions of machining. The objectives are: Introduce procedures for obtaining Numerical Control programs in a fully automatic way, through the application of an Assisted manufacturing system..

Little by little the fairs are returning to their face-to-face fullness, like those held before the pandemic. The mechanized sector is not left out and 2023 brings proposals of international reference to take into account in the field of machine tools. A calendar full of proposals, fairs and events that will serve as a stage to find out what is in store for machining in terms of new technologies, and expand and share knowledge..

Aspromec Awards 2021 Since 2018 in which Aspromec took a step forward to recognize the work of companies in the sector with the figure of the Aspromec Awards. The association intends to recognize the work "particularly well done" by some companies last year 2021 and in the machining sector. Last 17 November the delivery of the third Aspromec Awards took place, included within the II Machining Congress that was held in the Technology Park...

Last 27 September Aspromec, Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining, summoned specialists from the metal-mechanic sector to a new Metal Industry Observatory, in a day of debate in which current issues related to metalworking were discussed. The space for debate served to address issues such as the rise in energy prices and raw materials that the sector is suffering, as well as the lack.

The current president of Aspromec, Oriol Caballé, and the secretary, Jose A.. gomez vadillo, representing the entire board of the association, were in charge of formalizing the act of transfer of the presidency, and present a distinction to Francisco Moreno Gil, President of 2019 a 2022, on the occasion of the end of his term. ASPROMEC wants, with this act and recognition, highlight and appreciate the dedication, involvement and work done by Francisco Moreno Gil...

Aspromec's Board of Directors has recently elected its new, president and vice president. This is Oriol Caballé as president, CEO of Kromi Spain, and Alejandro Carrasco, as vice president, CEO of Rohm, who will exercise the position during the next years in this Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining. Thus, Oriol Caballé takes over from Francisco Moreno Gil, who for three years has represented and led the interests of the...

Last 19 May 2022 a new edition of the Aspromec Industrial Sector Observatory took place, which brought together specialists from the sector, in a conference where the most current issues of the industry in relation to metalworking were discussed. The open debate space served to learn about the news of the BIEMH, which will take place from 13 al 17 June in Bilbao, and in turn the celebration was also announced..

After four years of hiatus as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, The leading trade fair for the machining sector returns: the BIEMH. This edition focuses more than ever on the key areas in the industry 4.0, automation and robotics. The contest is presented as "the most ambitious edition in technology, solutions, innovation proposals and exhibition space.” BIEMH is committed to advanced manufacturing, industry hub 4.0 The machining sector...

Machining companies are in the process of technological transformation. Los procesos de fabricación han cambiado y existe la opción de una planificación de la maquinaria industrial, to offer more flexible production. Éste es uno de los objetivos de Tebis Iberia, provider of CAD/CAM/MES systems, to optimize workshops. As Francisco Moreno explains, director of Tebis Iberia and president of Aspromec, en la siguiente vídeo-entrevista realizada por el director del Área Industrial de...