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One of the issues that has concerned the industry in general and machining the most, of course, is to contribute to improving sustainability and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Due to the economic and energy situation that is being experienced in the sector, the industry must lead a global transformation towards greener and more efficient systems. The machining of the future: more sustainable, less polluting and inclusive The machining sector must make a change..

metalworking industry, and more specifically the aluminum sector, A decarbonization of the sector has been set as a target as the deadline for 2030. A sustainability goal that the AEA (Spanish Association of Aluminum and Surface Treatments) already included in his document 'Vision 2050'. Society demands companies that are as sustainable as possible and this implies a renewal in all aspects. The metal-mechanic industry is not far behind and aims to achieve a...

For companies that want to continue their progress towards the industry 4.0, Sustainability has to become one of its strongest values ​​and with the greatest purpose to fulfill. More and more companies include in their corporate actions, environmental criteria, social and good governance. Corporate sustainability aims to achieve an equanimity between the social aspect, economic and environmental within the company, and to achieve this it is necessary that there is also a...

Industry Consolidation 4.0 It is one of the pending subjects for small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry, especially metalworking. A transformation on several levels that has its tip of the iceberg in the new technologies of production processes, in order to improve performance and respond to global demand. A transformation that has accelerated as a result of the pandemic, where the implementation of teleworking, the shopping boom.

The Council of Ministers has approved an agreement authorizing the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the General Secretariat for Industry and SMEs, to summon the subsidies corresponding to the Machine Tool Modernization Plan for small and medium-sized companies, for this year 2021, for an amount of 50 millions of euros. The Plan aims to promote the renewal of the tool machinery park of Spanish SMEs, To potentiate...