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The Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC) has its offices in:

C/Painter Díaz de Olano nº 18 low PC: 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz (alava)

655 58 58 01


RobotPlus day

our sponsor, RobotPlus, formalized the 16 February a purchase-sale agreement with Grupo Itsme, international company based in the Netherlands and specialized in the distribution of products and technological solutions for industrial automation. This action, On one side, reinforces the position of RobotPlus in the international market of industrial automation and robotics, as it will offer a wider range of solutions to its customers, while on the other hand, the union of both.

Little by little the fairs are returning to their face-to-face fullness, like those held before the pandemic. The mechanized sector is not left out and 2023 brings proposals of international reference to take into account in the field of machine tools. A calendar full of proposals, fairs and events that will serve as a stage to find out what is in store for machining in terms of new technologies, and expand and share knowledge..

Little by little collaborative robotics has been incorporated into more points of the machining production chain, becoming more and more an essential piece to achieve maximum productivity. This type of automation has been found to be especially effective at the end of the production line.. Advantages of collaborative robotics in the machining sector The lack of personnel in machining has accelerated the incorporation of collaborative robotics..

Aspromec Awards 2021 Since 2018 in which Aspromec took a step forward to recognize the work of companies in the sector with the figure of the Aspromec Awards. The association intends to recognize the work "particularly well done" by some companies last year 2021 and in the machining sector. Last 17 November the delivery of the third Aspromec Awards took place, included within the II Machining Congress that was held in the Technology Park...

The Álava Technology Park hosted the past 17 November the II Machining Congress promoted by the Aspromec Association. Both the presentations, like the debate in the round tables, and even questions from attendees, revolved around two concepts: collaboration and diversification/digitization, which, according to the conclusions of the event, are fundamental and key to the survival and competitiveness of the companies that make up the machining sector in Spain. [caption id="attachment_37562" align="aligncenter" width="7667"]...

Last 27 September Aspromec, Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining, summoned specialists from the metal-mechanic sector to a new Metal Industry Observatory, in a day of debate in which current issues related to metalworking were discussed. The space for debate served to address issues such as the rise in energy prices and raw materials that the sector is suffering, as well as the lack.

The current president of Aspromec, Oriol Caballé, and the secretary, Jose A.. gomez vadillo, representing the entire board of the association, were in charge of formalizing the act of transfer of the presidency, and present a distinction to Francisco Moreno Gil, President of 2019 a 2022, on the occasion of the end of his term. ASPROMEC wants, with this act and recognition, highlight and appreciate the dedication, involvement and work done by Francisco Moreno Gil...

Collaborative robots or cobots are helping different industrial sectors, among which is machining, can automate processes of repetitive and precise actions, increasing the performance of the production chain. Besides, contributes to reducing the creation of waste and, therefore, sustainability benefits. This will be translated into a growth of the cobot market. Sales of collaborative robots reached record numbers in 2021 The market...

Sustainability is gaining more and more prominence in machining. Process automation thanks to robots in production lines, as in the case of welding, contributes to waste reduction. At the same time, robotics helps us to make the process safer, effective and efficient, together with a list of different advantages for machining. The industry gradually demands robotics for process automation A...

Aspromec's Board of Directors has recently elected its new, president and vice president. This is Oriol Caballé as president, CEO of Kromi Spain, and Alejandro Carrasco, as vice president, CEO of Rohm, who will exercise the position during the next years in this Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining. Thus, Oriol Caballé takes over from Francisco Moreno Gil, who for three years has represented and led the interests of the...