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The industry 4.0 It is being a revolution for companies in the industrial and machining sector, shaking the idea that until now had of competitiveness and the market in which they operate. Little by little, the implementation of digitization and new technologies is entering Spanish companies, as, more and more factories are implementing the IoT. Open the door to the industry 4.0 brings an opportunity for modernization, efficiency optimization..

The organizers of Advanced Machine Tools and Advanced Factories unveiled the past 15 March the main keys to the new exhibition couple, a benchmark for the advanced manufacturing sector. Aspromec, as supporting partner of the fair, was present at the exhibition. Albert Planas, CEO y Managing Director de Nebext, accompanied by Salvador Giró, President of Advanced Factories, Xavier Arambarri, presidente de Advanced Machine Tools, and Oscar Inigo, director of two congresses...

The industrial and machining sector continues to advance on its way to Industry 4.0, an advanced production ecosystem, automated and interconnected consisting of a symbiosis between production methods and ICT. This new scenario entails new industrial ecosystems and new business models. 'The Future of industries' analyzes the fourth industrial revolution The online and free event, ‘The Future of Industries’, of which Aspromec is a partner, will review the next 23 of March...

Little by little collaborative robotics has been incorporated into more points of the machining production chain, becoming more and more an essential piece to achieve maximum productivity. This type of automation has been found to be especially effective at the end of the production line.. Advantages of collaborative robotics in the machining sector The lack of personnel in machining has accelerated the incorporation of collaborative robotics..

Machining companies have recently had to face various difficulties to continue improving and moving forward. The COVID pandemic, the climate crisis, disruption in supply chains or lack of raw materials, has made resilience in companies key to staying, be agile, flexible and quick in the face of adversity. Resilience helps machining companies carry out coordinated action between all areas Business resilience translates....

Sustainability is gaining more and more prominence in machining. Process automation thanks to robots in production lines, as in the case of welding, contributes to waste reduction. At the same time, robotics helps us to make the process safer, effective and efficient, together with a list of different advantages for machining. The industry gradually demands robotics for process automation A...

The industry 4.0 involves managing a large volume of data. Data that help automate machining companies, among other advantages, but we must not forget that it is a type of sensitive information and that it must be protected correctly. The industry 4.0 It has to imply an investment in new technologies for data management A recent report contemplates, that large companies do not make an adequate commitment to tools and infrastructures..

Robotics is a part of digitization within the mechanized sector that is growing strongly. It is estimated that there are currently more than three million industrial robots in all the factories of the world, as indicated in the World Robotics report 2021 Industria Robots de la International Federation of Robotics (IFR). The advent of robotics in machining implies new safety standards for workers The Nobel Prize in Economics 2006 Edmund S. Phelps...

Machining companies know how important it is to keep their machinery updated in order to remain competitive in the sector.. A recent report shows that Spanish companies have improved their machinery in the last year. A correct investment is important for machining companies Spanish companies in the industrial sector, including machining companies, have increased their investment in machinery in the last year, more specifically the 9% of them...