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A good resilience strategy helps to better face the difficulties that arise in machining

business resilience

A good resilience strategy helps to better face the difficulties that arise in machining

The companies of the machining have recently had to face various difficulties in order to continue improving and advancing. The COVID pandemic, the climate crisis, disruption in supply chains or lack of raw materials, has made the resilience in companies is key to staying, be agile, flexible and quick in the face of adversity.

The resilience helps companies in machining carry out a coordinated action between all areas

Business resilience translates into the ability of an organization to be able to face and recover from the changes and problems it suffers., know how to identify them and measure the unstable conditions that have, in order to transform them.

In order to carry out a correct resilience It is important to integrate in the companies of the machining communication technologies, and adequate cybersecurity. In fact, In a recent study it is stated that the 76% of companies is increasing investment in technology and tools that improve communication and, this way, improve your resilience.

A clear example that companies in any sector, even those of machining, have adapted to the inconveniences of the pandemic, is the adoption of solutions to face working from home, implementing a hybrid or teleworking format by 100%. The 49% of companies had to accelerate their investments in digital platforms to allow employees to work from home and offer flexible teleworking options. Besides, other 48% of those surveyed also increased their investment in security and data protection applications due to the implementation of teleworking, with the aim of having a better resilience of your company.

Even so, Although much is being improved in the field of resilience digital, there is still a long way to go and to continue advancing in the matter. If we translate it into figures:

  • And 14% of companies have to centralize technology tasks.
  • Other 12% has not yet created recovery plans for its digital systems, to prevent a possible problem.
  • And 10% has not trained its workers in data and its management.

To achieve a resilience optimal in the machining investment is required

If machining companies want to achieve good resilience, resources are needed, and to this must contribute the high positions of the companies. And 26% of respondents said that the CEO is the person responsible for driving initiatives that help build resilience, and that the executives have to work together with him and that, not always fulfilled.

Although resilience is important for companies, as it cannot be clearly measured, in many cases it is difficult to convince the people responsible for investing in it.

The four foundations for business resilience are:

  • change in the workplace: teleworking or remote work, It has entailed the change from paper to digital and adapting the spaces to a type of hybrid template. This has led to an investment in adapting the office.
  • data security: this change towards teleworking has implied a reinforcement of security, since when working outside the office, access to the information and data managed by the company becomes more vulnerable.
  • Sustainability: in the wake of the pandemic, investments in social and environmental commitments are a higher priority.
  • Operational effectiveness: Building resilience comes at a cost, and its benefits go beyond risk mitigation. And 66% of respondents still do not see a relationship between the investment made and the compensation obtained in terms of resilience. Even so, they hope that in the long term it will materialize.

To fully take over the industry 4.0, and carry out a correct resilience in the machining sector, you have to make the right investments in security. Since Aspromec we help companies machining and we offer them personalized advice to be able to open up to new technologies in digitization that the sector offers. Contact us for more information, writing to