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The Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC) has its offices in:

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Recognition of excellence: Aspromec Awards 2022

Recognition of excellence: Aspromec Awards 2022

The ASPROMEC Awards highlight aspects such as the incorporation of talent through training work, investment in digitization, the inclusion of women in the sector, the tractor effect on it… One of the most effective ways to recognize and give visibility to the enormous effort of companies, that earn in their own right the status of driving force of the country's industrial fabric, is through the granting of the Aspromec Awards.

For this edition, the fifth of the Aspromec Awards, To form the Jury we have had the collaboration of people who undoubtedly know what this machining thing is about.. Nobody better than them, for his activity, to determine who is deserving of recognition as winners of the aforementioned award. Their verdict in the different categories was the following:

Mechanizer Award – Nagamohr

The art of cutting the chip today involves knowing how to integrate cutting-edge technologies into an automation process that allows you to compete at the first level in the most demanding sectors.. The Aspromec MACHINING Award 2022 was awarded this year to Nagamohr.

At the delivery ceremony held last 23 November received the Patrick Bosch award, Managing Director de Nagamohr. The award was presented by Swen Hamann, vocal of Aspromec and CEO of Zoller.


Tractor Company Award – Mechanical Bunting & Engineering

Dynamizing and activating a sector by adding value to members in the supply chain is typical of companies that are at the forefront.. In the world of machining, these types of companies are called driving companies.. The Aspromec TRACTOR COMPANY Award 2022 has been awarded this year to Mechanical Bunting & Engineering.

At the delivery ceremony held last 23 in November he received the Juan Humanes award, Production Director of Mechanical Bunting & Engineering. The award was presented by Jesús Varea, member of Aspromec and Manager of lukewarm.



Training Award – Salesians of Sarrià

Having a team of prepared people in a company is the sum, On one side, of the conviction to incorporate them and on the other hand the good work of entities over the years transmitting knowledge and training women and men who keep the attitude alive to continually improve. The Aspromec TRAINING Award 2022 has been awarded this year to Salesians Sarria.

At the delivery ceremony held last 23 in November he received the Eloy González award, Head of School-Company Salesians Sarria. The award was presented by José A. Gómez-Vadillo and Angel Hernández, Vice Presidents of Aspromec and CEO of Vadillo Advisors and Director of Intercompany, respectively.



Digitization Award – Vines

Some started hearing about this during the pandemic., But others had been paying close attention to a basic aspect for any company and for the society of the future in general for some time.. We are referring to digitalization. In the world of machining it is not necessary to say that digitalization will be the DNA of the companies of the future or they will not be. The Aspromec DIGITALIZATION Award 2022 was awarded this year to Vines.

At the delivery ceremony held last 23 of November he collected the Alberto Llopis award, Marketing Director of Vines and CEO of Web Industry. The award was presented by Jose Ignacio Ortiz of Urbina, vocal of Aspromec and CEO of Intermaher.


Women in Industry Award – Chelo Dominguez

Although there may be aspects that raise doubts about where our society is heading, there is an unquestionable reality and that is that women have had, We have and will have a leading role in everything positive that happens in it.. Although we still have to keep our guard up in pursuit of the search for an equality that should not be questionable, The truth is that more and more we find women who stand out in their profession., whatever it is. Let's hope that in a short time, giving this award will not be necessary because men and women are simply considered people..

The Aspromec Award FOR WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY 2022 is for Chelo Domínguez, Plant Director at GKN Driveline Vigo. The award was presented within the framework of the III Machining Congress held last 23 November by David Sanz, Vocal of Aspromec and CEO of Walter Tools.




Honorary Special Mention Award – Getafe Initiatives (AS)

Defend the industry, promoting its development and therefore that of those who work in it is reason enough to make a special mention. Aspromec often talks about the ability to collaborate as one of the outstanding qualities of companies that want to be a reference.. For setting guidelines in terms of industrial support, for the capacity and human quality of its components ASPROMEC wants to recognize with the delivery of the SPECIAL HONORIFIC Award 2022 a Getafe Initiatives (AS).

At the delivery ceremony held last 23 November, Elisabeth Melo received the award, Delegate Councilor for Commerce, Economic Development and Equality of the Getafe City Council. The award was presented by Oriol Caballé, President of Aspromec and CEO of KROMI Spain.


The Aspromec Awards 2022 they not only celebrated excellence in machining, but also highlighted the diversity of contributions that enrich the industry.