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What is machining and what benefits does it have??

What is machining and what benefits does it have?

What is machining and what benefits does it have??

It is understood by machining the set of industrial processes that transform a piece of raw material. Namely, the set of techniques for the industrial transformation of raw materials, above all, metals until turning it into an industrial piece.

This process includes from the removal or removal of unwanted material cutting actions, marked, drilled... with the aim of achieving a piece with a specific shape and dimensions.

Two types of movement are involved in this process.: the cut or penetration, which removes the material, and the advance one that directs the trajectory of the piece at the same time that the main movement is executed..

The industrial machining it is well, the process of industrial transformation of a raw material, usually metal, plastic, madera, ceramics. at the end of the process, excess material is filed in a controlled manner.

Types of industrial machining

There are different types of machining, among which stand out:

  • Machining by chip removal, in which excess material is torn off or cut off, what generates chips.
  • manual mechanized, directly carried out by an operator, called adjuster, with the help of sawing tools, filing, chiselled, twisted…
  • Machining with a manual machine tool, semiautomatic or automatic, like drills, lathes, milling machines, CNC… that work together thanks to the effort of the operator.

A bit of history of the metalworking industry

The processes of machining have been made since ancient times with the help of tools and human labor. in prehistory, our ancestors used stone and wood for the manufacture of components. already in ancient egypt, drills with rotary mechanisms were created to cut, make holes and shape wood and stone. Later also to metals.

since the middle ages, there are numerous examples of mechanized automation systems although the term machining did not become popular until the mid-19th century. We find these examples in the wood workshops, ceramics, forge... In which the lathe was an essential element.

In 1774 John Wilkinson created the boring machine, that the first machine-tool in history is believed and that allowed a very precise cut in metal pieces. This helped James Watt build the steam engine., promoter of the industrial revolution.

Since then, the use of the traditional lathe has evolved, to numerically controlled machine tools managed by programs that can perform complex cutting operations.

Typologies of machining companies

At the company level, within the sector of process automation, we can find different types according to their specialty. Since machining companies usually, the neckline, precision machining, large machining…

In summary, when we talk about machining, We talk about metal cutting techniques at an industrial level.

Advantages of conventional industrial machining

The advantages of industrial machining Conventional includes both machining by abrasion, such as machining by chip removal. The main advantages? Its high precision, allows a multitude of shapes, preserves the mechanical properties of the material, get a good finishing texture, In addition to requiring little preparation time, done with few tools and easy to automate.

As for the types of unconventional machining EDM machining is included, ultrasonic, Waterjet, abrasive waterjet, electrochemical machining, chemical machining

From the Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC), constituted on 29 March 2010, We work together and unite efforts to improve and encourage the competitiveness of the machining industrial sector in what is known as the fourth industrial revolution.

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