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The Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC) has its offices in:

C/Painter Díaz de Olano nº 18 low PC: 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz (alava)

655 58 58 01


what is aspromec

The Asociation

ASPROMEC is the Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining and was born in March 2010 with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the industrial machining sector in our environment and facilitating cooperation between machining companies.

free advice

Performed by experts in the metal SME that will provide a unique consultancy to machining companies to strengthen business relationships, optimize your performance or open up new markets, among others.


Create a point of reference in Spain for machining companies to access information, knowledge and quality contacts to promote the competitiveness of the sector.

Introduce small machining companies new business opportunities and new markets, as well as the ways to access them.

Establish new communication channels between machining companies throughout Spain to promote cooperation and strengthen the state machining industry.

Inform and advise about access routes to aid, subsidies and financing for machining SMEs.

Los 10 years of Aspromec bring you the current keys of the mechanized sector


Creation of the Machining Platform for the configuration of a large network of professionals that responds to the needs of the sector, promoting the development of competitiveness and cooperation between machining companies.

Organization of Machining Meetings in order to disseminate quality knowledge for machining companies and put all the actors involved in the machining process in contact.

Carrying out the AVIVA Project for the study of competitiveness in the machining subcontracting sector in Spain.

Who can benefit?

In ASPROMEC we bring together small and medium machining companies and all professionals committed to the competitiveness of this industrial sector.

The machining SMEs that are part of this association use the chip removal manufacturing technology in their production processes, both as a subcontracting activity and manufacturing of products or components.

And you, Are you already part??

Machining companies as beneficiaries of ASPROMEC activities have the possibility of:

Access the Machining Meetings for free.

Access the conclusions of the studies carried out by ASPROMEC regarding the competitiveness of the sector.

Carry out technical consultations, about the sector, market or in general on the competitiveness of the company itself.