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The Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC) has its offices in:

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The Aspromec Awards arrive 2018

The Aspromec Awards arrive 2018

Aspromec takes a step forward to recognize the work of companies in the sector through the newly created Aspromec Awards. With them he intends to congratulate, in the figure of a select few, the good work of most of the players in the world of machining in what will undoubtedly be a new meeting point between companies in the sector.

In its first edition, it will highlight the work of companies and institutions with an award in the following categories:

  • digitization; aimed at the machinist who has best opted for the most advanced technology in this matter.
  • internationalization; for the machining company that has made the greatest effort to strengthen its presence in the international market.
  • Training; for the machining company more sensitive to the training of personnel.
  • Best Tractor Company; aimed at the one that best interacts with its suppliers.
  • Brand Spain; for that leading company that has best known how to project the values ​​of the Spanish industry in the international market.
  • Industry 4.0; aimed at the leading company that has most promoted the implementation of technologies 4.0, both internally and among its suppliers.
  • Training Excellence; for the most valued training center among machining companies.
  • Dual Formation; for the training center that has been able to integrate better with the industrial field.
  • Best Equipment; for the training center that has best known how to equip itself technologically.

So that, Aspromec invites you to the delivery of the first edition of the ASPROMEC Awards, which will take place next wednesday 6 february at 17:30 hours in the Luchana Theaters [Sala 2], located on the street of Luchana, 38, 28010 – Madrid.

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