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The metal-mechanic industry sets a sustainability roadmap with the objective of 2030

Sustainability metalworking industry

The metal-mechanic industry sets a sustainability roadmap with the objective of 2030

The metalworking industry, and more specifically the aluminum sector, A decarbonization of the sector has been set as a target as the deadline for 2030. A sustainability goal that the AEA (Spanish Association of Aluminum and Surface Treatments) already included in his document 'Vision 2050'.

Society demands companies that are as sustainable as possible and this implies a renewal in all aspects. The metalworking industry It is not far behind and aims to achieve a fully circular model for the year 2030, namely, with less waste and fewer emissions.

The sustainability from metalworking industry It is based on it being completely circular

On his way to the sustainability, the metalworking industry, commitment to aluminum as a key sector for the country and that can achieve investment and expand, In this way, benefits such as independence from foreign markets are obtained, the rise in prices affects to a lesser extent and the transport of goods becomes easier, Ultimately, being totally circular, supply problems are reduced..

The circular economy objective is included in the 'Circular Aluminum Action Plan', this document reflects the purpose of ensuring that aluminum products, once it has served its purpose, are collected for recycling properly. With this, it is possible to keep aluminum in use. In fact, It should be noted that since 1990, The aluminum sector in Europe has managed to reduce CO₂ emissions by more than one 50%. It should be noted that aluminum is a material that has a long use or useful life..

In 2050 the metalworking industry wants to achieve full decarbonization and meet the goal of sustainability

The 'Vision 2050' program referring to the aluminum industry provides political suggestions related to the sector in terms of sustainability. Projects a clear plan that develops a decarbonized value chain, circular and energetically for the year 2050 and a decrease in CO₂ emissions in the primary production of a 70% thus, the aluminum industry could achieve its strategic potential.

metalworking industry, and more specifically that of aluminum, It proposes to use all the capacity it has to promote a circular economy within Europe. It is a material that offers infinite recycling without implying a detriment to its properties as, for example, the hardness, lightness, conductivity, malleability, durability, impermeability, resistance to the passage of time and corrosion or heat dissipation capacity.

This objective of being a fully circular sector represents growth for the sector in the face of new business challenges that may arise. The industrial area will need innovative technologies to correctly carry out the recycling of materials.

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