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The Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC) has its offices in:

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History of machining meetings


The machining meetings arose from a first forum, the 30 september 2009 in Madrid, in which the machining companies met in order to create a space to help revitalize and sophisticate the conventional machining workshop through meetings and the exchange of ideas.

XX Machining Meeting – 4-5 July 2018, Valencia

The XX Machining Meeting was presented in a two-day format with the support of AIDIMME Instituto Tecnológico, FEMEVAL y Mitsubishi Materials. Call for leading companies and machining SMEs with a common objective: increase the competitiveness of the machining subcontracting network. Machining companies visited the factory of the future with an on-site demonstration of the VARIAXIS j Machining Center from 5 axes, among others.

XIX Machining Meeting – 6-8 june 2017, Bilbao

The XIX Machining Meeting presented a new format lasting three days that coincided with the FITMAQ fair in Bilbao, in which leading companies and small and medium-sized machining companies were convened to develop new keys to increase the competitiveness of machining companies through the latest generation technologies in the Industry 4.0.

XVIII Machining Meeting – 19 october 2016, Barcelona

The emblematic La Pedrera building was the setting chosen by the organizers of the 18th edition of the Machining Meetings to once again bring together machining companies and leading companies to discuss the new Industry for the first time 4.0, or fourth industrial revolution, and the technologies that make it up.

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XVII Machining Meeting – 7 april 2016, Madrid

In this meeting the launch of the Mechanizers Platform was carried out, a free space for machining companies through which to contact potential customers, both inside and outside Spain. Besides, various presentations were made that focused on improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized machining companies.

Program | Video | CESA presentation | CDTI presentation | Ponencia NAGAMOHR | event coverage

XVI Machining Meeting – 26 february 2015, Elgoibar

This edition featured interesting presentations by GKN Driveline Zumaia, IMH or cooperative Perform, who tried to give the keys to improving the competitiveness of this industrial sector, what about innovation, training and fostering the talent of machining companies to increase the profitability of their machining shops.

Program | Video | Attending Companies | presentations: TKGUNE-IMH · GKN Driveline · Realize | Simulating the profitability of a virtual workshop | event coverage

XV Machining Meeting – 25 september 2014, Vigo

The fifteenth edition of the Meetings, held in the olive city, unveiled first-hand the new Metallurgical Cluster of Galicia, the witness of Galician machining companies or a Portuguese benchmark in mold manufacturing, during various presentations that promoted investment in R+D+I and the specialization of the services offered by companies.

Program | Attending Companies | presentations: Hispamoldes Group · Alfaro Brothers | event coverage

XIV Machining Meeting – 25 March 2014, Barcelona

A meeting where the speakers explained the recipes to promote alliances and the transfer of knowledge between machining companies. For it, constant innovation, the best organization, the discipline, flexibility, continuous improvement and the involvement of the entire company in this improvement must be the relevant criteria to be competitive.

Program | Attending Companies | presentations: Blumeprot · Gutmar · IK4-LORTEK · Tecnomatrix | event coverage

XIII Machining Meeting – 6 june 2013, Sevilla

Machining for the aeronautical industry was the central theme of the conference, where it opted for a strategic industry for Spain due to its activity in the development of high value-added products, the situation of the aeronautical sector and the challenges and opportunities for subcontractors were discussed, as well as the evolution of machining in the aeronautical sector and the need for specialization.

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XII Machining Meeting – 14 March 2013, Vitoria Gasteiz

The 'Competitiveness Circuit' premiered at this event, which, under the leitmotif of the motor world and Formula 1, was organized in ten ministands corresponding to the nine sponsors of ASPROMEC plus the leading company Gestamp; each of them identified with an F1 circuit, and the attendees were divided into groups that rotated through all the stands.

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XI Machining Meeting – 27 september 2012, gijon

The machining SMEs, leading companies and institutions such as the Asturian metal employers' association Femetal or the confederation of which it is a part, Confemetal were again the protagonists of the day, whose leitmotiv was to detect formulas to improve the competitiveness of the Spanish subcontracting network.

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X Machining Meeting – 31 May 2012, Bilbao

Held within the framework of the BIEMH, This meeting carried out an in-depth analysis of the Competitiveness Study of the Machining Industrial Sector (AVIVA Project), made by ASPROMEC and Confemetal, insisting on the added value of offering an own and unique service by machining companies.

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IX Machining Meeting – 8 March 2012, Murcia

In this meeting, a new debate format was launched focused on the critical points that the association revealed in the Aviva Project, such as the need for cooperation and training of employers and workers, as well as a change in profile and strategic planning, an approach to the international market, innovation, quality and quantity of the tractor effect in machining companies.

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VIII Machining Meeting – 28 september 2011, Bilbao

The common link to all the interventions and the objective of the ninth machining meeting was to show real business opportunities to machining companies, giving different keys on how large companies value SMEs to opt for their most suitable provider.

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VII Machining Meeting – 6 July 2011, Zaragoza

The meeting in Zaragoza revolved around the premise of competitiveness in the machining sector. Factors such as process improvement, improving equipment, The cooperation, The improvement in the management of people are usually determinants of competitiveness applied to companies in general and to machining SMEs in particular and at the meeting keys were given to achieve them.

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VI Meeting of Machining – 12 May 2011, Vigo

Companies from the Galician machining sector met at this meeting to seek solutions that would improve the situation of the industry in northern Spain, being cooperation, competitiveness, internationalization and the search for professional talent some of the most valued responses.

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V Meeting of Machining – 10 february 2011, Valencia

With innovation as the main theme of this event, the machining companies knew the great importance of investing in R&D and working together with technological institutes to improve their competitiveness thanks to high-performance technologies for machining, with special emphasis on additive manufacturing as one of the most revolutionary developments in the industry.

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IV Meeting of Machining -30 september 2010, Madrid

A good strategic plan, be competitive through innovation, cooperation and the correct selection of materials and machines; the detailed analysis of the digital workshop, adequately managing the needs of customers and seeking a global approach to subcontracting were the strengths marked out at this meeting to combat the crisis.

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III Machining Meeting – 20 May 2010, Barcelona

The fourth edition of the Machining Meetings was held after the official constitution of ASPROMEC, with the financial crisis and the metalworking industry as the main focus, and the need to innovate and cooperate between machining companies to find competitive solutions and make a difference in the globalized market..

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II Meeting of Machining - 18 March 2010, Vitoria Gasteiz

This meeting consecrated the space as a tangible demonstration that from the sector itself spaces can be created for greater collaboration between small and medium-sized machining companies, with presentations addressed to the auxiliary industry, where topics such as financing difficulties and the importance of using multitasking machines in the machining shop were discussed.

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I Meeting of Machining - 28 of January of 2010, Sevilla

Already with the name of 'Machining Meetings' in this second appointment more than 100 machining companies to learn how to improve their competitiveness based on innovation values, cooperation, contacts and opening to new markets.

Seville Program 2010 | presentations | Attending Companies | Photos | Video | event coverage