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Strong recovery of the machine tool industry in Italy


Strong recovery of the machine tool industry in Italy

The industry is willing to speed up the recovery phase in any sector such as machine tools. If Germany had recently presented its positive data in terms of billing and demand, now it is Italy that presents a favorable report, unleashing euphoria in the European market.

although in 2020, the Italian industry of machine tool manufacturing, robots and automation systems registered a considerable drop in all the main economic indicators. Now, in 2021 shows a completely different trend, confirming the recovery of business activity, from the first months, as extracted from the report of the Annual Assembly of Members of Ucimi-sistemi per produrre, which was held this month of July and which was attended by Gregorio De Felice as speakers, chief economist at Intesa Sanpaolo, and Mauro Alfonso, CEO of Simest.

The machine tool sector will grow a 11%

Strongly affected by the crisis caused by the global pandemic, Italy was one of the hardest hit markets in 2020, where it registered a sharp decline in the main economic indicators. Thus, according to data from the Department of Economic Studies and Business Culture of Ucimu, machine tool production, robots and automation systems reached 5.182 millions of euros, registering one fall of the 20,4% with respect to 2019.

The result was due both to the reduction in deliveries by manufacturers in the domestic market, and 20,3% any less, until the 2.321 millions of euros, as well as the decline in exports, which amounted to 2.861 millions of euros, namely, and 20,5% any less than in the previous exercise. However, it should be noted that in 2020, the Italian consumption of machine tools plummeted a 26,6% until the 3.561 millions of euros, result of the negative trend started in 2019.

However, in these first months of the year the trend is diametrically opposite, showing signs of a strong recovery since the first months. According to the forecasts prepared by the Department of Economic Studies and Business Culture of UCIMU, machine tool production, robots and automation systems should grow a 10,9% until reaching the 5.700 millions of euros. While exports should reach 3.100 millions of euros, namely, and 9,4% more than the previous year.

In addition, in terms of consumption should also increase, touching the 4.000 millions of euros, which corresponds to an increase in 10,9% with respect to 2020. The dynamism of Italian demand should boost manufacturers' deliveries, which are expected to rise to 2.600 millions of euros (+12,7%), while the imports should rise to 1.300 millions of euros (+7,6%).