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EWIE Group of Companies acquires majority stake in Kromi Logistik

EWIE Group of Companies acquires majority stake in Kromi Logistik

EWIE Group of Companies, EGC, has signed a letter of intent to acquire the majority stake in Kromi Logistik AG. The closing of this operation is expected to occur in the coming weeks. “We are delighted to welcome Kromi Logistik AG to the EGC family.. The acquisition of Kromi is a strategic move that will allow EGC to leverage the K Kromi ROMI brand to accelerate its growth in Europe and South America, especially in small and medium-sized markets”, said the president of EGC, Jay Mullick. “The joint business will provide better technology services, engineering and supply chain to our clients”.

EGC Co-President, Scott Burk, Add: “This acquisition will help EGC achieve the $1 billion revenue target in the coming years.” 3-5 years. “We are delighted to have KROMI join us and help us grow by leveraging their brand and resources in Europe and South America.”.

“We are looking forward to joining the EGC family. “It will improve our technology and our infrastructure in general”, comments Bernd Paulini, CEO of Kromi. “We welcome all members of Kromi Logistik AG to the EGC family. “Together we will achieve profitable growth”, concludes Manoj Sachdeva, CEO of EGC.