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Interview with Alejandro Carrasco Alarcón, managing director of Röhm Ibérica, new sponsor of ASPROMEC

Interview with Alejandro Carrasco Alarcón, managing director of Röhm Ibérica, new sponsor of ASPROMEC

“We valued this association very positively due to its closeness and its usefulness for the end customers of the machining industry.”

Last December of 2019, Röhm Iberica, S.A.U became part of the ASPROMEC family, through its machining platform. Alejandro Carrasco Alarcon, its CEO, tells us the reasons for this incorporation, and how do you rate the business association.


Alejandro Carrasco Alarcon, managing director of Röhm Ibérica S.A.U

Can you briefly explain the main activity of Röhm?

Röhm is a manufacturer of clamping fixtures for machine tools with more than 60 representatives and 15 subsidiaries worldwide. We serve our clients through 8 product groups with more than 8.000 standard references. We develop from clamping tools for parts with more than 5,5 meters and 25 tons of weight, to making special micrometric fastening solutions for the watchmaking industry and the medical sector.


Have you always carried out the same activity since your origins??

The original activity of the company was the production of drill chucks, launching his first patent in 1910. Later on, the metalworking industry demanded other accessories for machine tools and Röhm expanded its range of products with manual lathe chucks., rotating points, etc.

mid years 50, Röhm opted to develop automatically operated clamping tools, clearly investing in this trend. Operated products are currently being developed, not only with hydraulic and pneumatic power, but also with electricity, given its leading role in the industry 4.0, and process monitoring in terms of clamping parameters.


If the data does not fail us, Röhm complies 111 years in 2020. Is the experience something your customers value??

Since the year of its foundation in 1909 in Zella-Mehlis, the company RÖHM has not stopped innovating. Its most important challenge today is to respond to the demands of this demanding market in terms of efficiency., productivity and industry 4.0.

Thanks to this long experience, our company is highly valued by all our customers, in offering robust mooring solutions, precise and clearly oriented to the client's need.


Röhm is one of the world's leading fastener manufacturers.. Can you tell us how much you bill, what is your market share?

We are suppliers of the most important machine tool manufacturers in the world developing special clamping solutions, being a reliable partner and serving globally.

The turnover of the Röhm group currently reaches 155 millions of euros.


Does Röhm manufacture all and all of its products??

Röhm is the only manufacturer of premium chucks that produces in Germany.

The phrase "Made in Germany" is very important to us and, quality being our main characteristic, We are very proud to manufacture all of our products in our 3 factories in Germany.


Where do you have your production plants??

Have 3 production plants in Germany. La sede principal in Sontheim/Brenz, more than 41.000 m2, and our Dillingen/Danube plant, which is constantly expanding, more than 300 staff.

By last, our headquarters in the middle of the black forest (Saint George) specializes in expandable chucks, as well as all kinds of special solutions for interior mooring.


How do you assess the current situation of the production plants in Europe?

The current situation of production plants in Europe is marked by the automation of processes and all that this entails.

Increasing productivity and the commitment to competitiveness are the main objectives that the main factories currently have. Technology providers like Röhm have to develop products and services to meet this clear market demand..


In the nearest future, Is the business located in Asia?

The relocation of factories to Asia has had the clear objective of increasing competitiveness in terms of labor costs and in some cases logistics costs.. In Europe and America there is much to do in terms of increasing productivity.

The productive means both machines, tools, software, Automation and tooling must be more and more oriented to the application and the customer's needs and must also be interconnected.


Do you only manufacture standard products or do you also make solutions tailored to your customers??

The 45% of our billing belongs to special solutions tailored to the needs of our client. Our commitment to the client is to find the best solution to your problem.


In Spain, the distribution of demand for standard products and custom products, It is similar to other European countries?

Each market has its needs and particularities in terms of types of customers and diverse applications.

Our Madrid-based branch is responsible for the Spanish and Portuguese markets., these markets have common demands: service, quality and delivery time.


It has a subsidiary in Spain. Are they just offices, store…?

Our branch based in Madrid, It was founded in 1985 to provide better service and technical advice to our customers. We have facilities of more than 500 m2 where our repair department, engineering, commercial department and our large warehouse provide a comprehensive service to our customers. Con 5 commercial technicians in the main industrial areas we guarantee a better service.


How long have you known ASPROMEC??

By belonging to the association of importers of machine tools (ANIME) we have knowledge of the main associations of the sector.


How did you rate your activity before joining?

We valued this association very positively due to its closeness and its usefulness for end customers in the machining industry..


How do you think your presence at ASPROMEC can help Röhm??

The widest disclosure regarding the different types and uses of Röhm clamping tools, As well as the improvement in productivity that the selection of the correct clamping equipment for a machine tool entails will help both Röhm and ASPROMEC's ​​partners..


Which of the various ASPROMEC activities do you find most interesting??

The machining platform, machining encounters, as well as dual vocational training, we find very interesting and necessary activities in this sector.


What is the path that you think ASPROMEC should follow to continue being interesting for associates and clients of associates??

Bring together more machining companies on the platform, promote dual vocational training, Gaining representativeness before official bodies and disseminating the most advanced production technologies should be the way, in my opinion..