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The automotive sector recovers in April

The automotive sector recovers in April

Amid global economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, The automotive sector has been one of the sectors that has been most affected, but, Nonetheless, has taken a significant step towards recovery.

One of the most outstanding aspects of his recovery, as reported by the associations of automobile manufacturers Anfac and distributors of Faconauto and Ganvam, are car sales, since they have experienced an upturn in 8,2 % last april, compared to the same month last year.

Although, car sales have not yet reached pre-pandemic levels, the upward trend shows a gradual recovery in the sector, Well, so far this year, sales have accumulated an increase of 34 %, which reinforces the idea of ​​a progressive reactivation of the automotive sector.

The increase in car sales is due to, largely, to the improvement of the economic situation and the greater confidence in the consumer. Besides, tax incentives and financing facilities offered by manufacturers and dealers have contributed to stimulating demand.

The registration of electric cars is increasing

Another factor that stands out in the data from this last month is the increase in sales of electric and low-emission cars, assuming a rise of 21,8 % in April. Concern and the transition towards more sustainable mobility have driven the demand for vehicles that are more respectful of the environment.

The recovery of the automotive sector also has a positive impact on the economy in general. The increase in car sales implies a boost for the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to dealers and related service providers. This creates employment and contributes to economic growth.. Besides, the increase in the sale of new vehicles also contributes to an increase in the collection of taxes, which in turn can be used to finance infrastructure projects and programs.

worth noting, that the recovery in the automotive sector reflects an increase in consumer confidence. After a period of uncertainty and restrictions, buyers are showing a greater willingness to invest in new cars. This indicates that consumers are regaining confidence in their financial stability and in the economy in general..