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The impact of Artificial Intelligence regulation in Europe

The impact of Artificial Intelligence regulation in Europe

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (IA) has become a fundamental element in geopolitics and the global economy. However, no one escapes that, until now, the top global AI companies are primarily located in the United States, while China and Europe have been trying to catch up in this field. Only three Chinese and four European companies are among the 100 top AI companies in the world. This has led to a significant increase in investment in AI by many States in an effort to compete and stay at the forefront of technological innovation..

Europa: A step towards the regulation of Artificial Intelligence

The European Commission has been 2018 working on AI regulation, but the publication of the 'European Digital Strategy' gives the starting signal for Europe's adaptation to the new digital era and places the implementation and development of artificial intelligence at the center of its plans. Posteriorly, in 2020, In the 'White Paper on Artificial Intelligence', the first options for the regulation and legislation of this new technology were proposed..

The result of these initiatives has been materialized in the proposal for an EU regulation on artificial intelligence, presented in April 2021. Once approved, This will have direct effect in the Member States and will establish harmonized rules on AI.

Spain's role in AI regulation

Spain has already taken the first steps in these first stages of regulation, with the creation of the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AESIA). The agency, which is attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Its mission is to address the challenges posed by this constantly evolving technology and ensure its beneficial and safe use..

It is important to highlight that, although AESIA has a crucial role in supervising and regulating AI, Its full capacity for action will be subject to the approval of European regulations related to this technology.. Until then, focuses on promoting responsible practices in the use of AI and collaborating with relevant actors in this field.

Vadillo Asesores and the evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Definitely, Its main objective is to ensure that AI is used ethically and safely in Spain, avoiding fraudulent and improper uses of a new and powerful technology that is available to everyone, but its full operation depends on the approval of European regulations.

In Vadillo Advisors They are aware of all the latest developments in this area and are in continuous training to learn everything related to the use of these tools and the steps taken in the regulations and regularization of these.

Regulation of artificial intelligence is a critical issue in today's digital age, and Europe is taking significant steps to ensure the ethical and safe use of this technology. Vadillo Advisors, as a sponsor of Aspromec, closely follows these developments and is committed to staying up-to-date in this ever-evolving field.. The world evolves, and Vadillo Asesores does it with him, to provide sound advice in an ever-changing technological environment.