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Digitization helps machining to enter the online market

digitization in machining

Digitization helps machining to enter the online market

The incorporation of new technologies that contribute to the digitization of companies, will lead to greater competitiveness in different sectors, among which we find the machining. With these new tools, the industrial sector can focus on what the real needs of the client are, provide flexibility and agility in the face of possible changes in production.

In general terms, We can say that the industrial sector is an economic sector that is defined by three key points: heterogeneity, high productivity and its export capacity. We are talking about a sector that in the last year has grown by more than one 8%, that its billing increased a 16% and its exports were around a 20%.

The digitization has accelerated online commerce in B2B

Wrongly, It may be thought that online sales or commerce can be something solely aimed at the end customer, but the truth is that e-commerce increasingly involves B2B companies. According to a recent McKinsey study, is digitization has seduced B2B buyers, as, more than one 75% of them are left with the virtual interactions to the face-to-face ones. Even in sectors where until now this seemed an unlikely change such as, for example, the automotive.

The fact that companies in the B2B sectors are involved in this digitization has a very positive impact on the entire supply chain, from distributors to retailers. Companies will be able to respond more quickly to market changes, they will obtain better data from the purchase phases, know which products have the highest sales, customization in orders according to customer requirements.

The cloud service is an ally for companies on their way to digitization

The increase in costs has led companies to make a giant step in terms of what digitization it means. Cloud services can be of great help to reduce the 'time to market', at the same time that updating and maintenance expenses of the various technological platforms are suppressed and contribute to the path of digitization.

For this goal of cost reduction, it is very attractive for machining companies to opt for SaaS models, since they obtain great savings in installations, regular maintenance and software updates.

The industrial sector and with it machining is forced, inevitably, to improve their efficiency and responsiveness, If you want to adapt to the changes demanded by the market. They have to adopt a strategy that focuses on the customer and that improves their user experience. Digitization platforms such as the cloud, helps make the industry more profitable and more competitive. It should be noted that machining is an industrial area that can still progress and has a wide margin for improvement as far as digitization is concerned..

To fully assume the industry 4.0, and the process automation in the field of machining, you have to understand and assimilate the full potential offered by these smart technologies. From Aspromec we help companies in the machining and we offer them personalized advice to be able to open up to new technologies in digitization that the sector offers. Contact us for more information, writing to