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Digitization will lead to an increase in jobs in the mechanized sector

digitizing machining

Digitization will lead to an increase in jobs in the mechanized sector

The sector machining and the industrialist continue their advance towards the industry 4.0. In fact, it is estimated that digital transformation on the road to industry 4.0 will create about 220.000 new jobs in the technological field for the year 2030. It should not be forgotten that the industrial sector has a great weight in the Spanish economy and that it occupies fourth place on the European scale. Nowadays, This economic sector represents the 15,3% of Spanish GDP and employs some two million people.

Digital technologies help strengthen the sector machining

On his way to the industry 4.0, the machining must incorporate digitization into its processes that aims to increase productivity while reducing environmental impact. This digitization entails, therefore, the inclusion and creation of new labor profiles in the sector of machining. Among the new technologies that machining must incorporate we find: internet of things (IoT), cloud computing and analytics, machine learning and autonomous robotics, that can be applied in production and other processes with an administrative profile.

Although it may seem that these automation processes eliminate jobs in the mechanized sector, it's the opposite, these technologies will cause them to be created around 220.000 jobs in less than ten years. The inclusion of this technology will make the industrial sector and machining Be stronger and assume your goal of assuming the industry 4.0. Slowly, we must gradually change the way companies produce and gradually change towards a model more based on Artificial Intelligence. In this way it will be possible to detect errors more quickly and have more optimized productions., controlling costs and resources used.

This type of digitization, Contrary to the reluctance that, It is a digitization that does not replace people, but performs the most mechanical and repetitive jobs. Thus, workers can spend this time on more specific and specialized tasks.

Specialization is key to optimizing the processes of the industry 4.0

The commitment to these new technological processes, not only go hand in hand with process optimization, but, GDP could increase by 6,7%. A good development of production, simple and precise, translates into an industry with agile manufacturing, more productive and more profitable.

For this it is important to make a bet for different modeling techniques, like CAD/CAM, that optimize the production time

To fully assume the industry 4.0, and the process automation in the field of machining, you have to understand and assimilate the full potential offered by these smart technologies. From Aspromec we help companies in the machining and we offer them personalized advice to be able to open up to new technologies in digitization that the sector offers. Contact us for more information, writing to