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The Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining (ASPROMEC) has its offices in:

C/Painter Díaz de Olano nº 18 low PC: 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz (alava)

655 58 58 01




1.- General information.-

1.- General information.-

This Website, is owned by ASPROMEC (Association of Professionals for the Competitiveness of Machining) W/ Painter Díaz de Olano nº 18 bass 01008 Vitoria (alava) C.I.F. No. G85921443 registered in the National Registry of Associations with the national no. 595128 and with phone number 93 680 20 27 (Secretary)

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ASPROMEC reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions that appear on this website as well as expand content, informations, etc, at any time and without prior notice and, therefore, recommends its consultation with a reasonable periodicity in case of changes in the same.

This website is a specific meeting point for the machining sector that seeks cooperation, contact and commercial relationship between companies to increase the competitiveness of the machining subcontracting network by sharing knowledge among professionals in the sector, facilitating and enhancing the interrelation between professionals and helping them to find each other, keep in touch and communicate, Exchange ideas, learn, reach agreements, seek opportunities, work and make decisions in a network of relationships and trusted groups, All this with the final objective of improving the competitiveness of the machining sector in Spain and disseminating knowledge for such improvement..

It also allows you to register and participate in events and/or activities organized or promoted by ASPROMEC., mainly the Machining Meetings.

This website is not intended for or directed at the end consumer, bell to companies, businessmen and professionals in the machining sector who act both in the field of their commercial activity, business, the professional, as for a purpose exclusively related to your business activity, business, the professional. Therefore, if the user does not fit into any of these categories, they should not use the services of this website since when registering they will be asked for strictly corporate or professional data and derived from their status as an entrepreneur or merchant and exclusively linked to your commercial or commercial activity.

1.2.- Language.-

In the event that we translate this Legal Notice, our privacy policy, or any other rules of use, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on this website, if there is a discrepancy between the Spanish version and a translated version, the Spanish version will prevail.

1.3 Social media.-

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2.- Intellectual and/or industrial property rights

The owner of the content and the elements that make up this Website is, Consequently, ASPROMEC owns the intellectual and industrial property of the same and in particular of all source codes., texts, images, design, logos, Software, animations, databases, marks, trade name or distinctive sign, sounds and other graphic or sound elements of the pages of the Website. This enumeration does not constitute a closed list but rather an example and said elements are duly protected in accordance with Spanish and international regulations on Intellectual and Industrial Property..

The User undertakes to use the contents diligently and correctly., according to law, morality and public order. ASPROMEC authorizes the User to view the information contained in this website, as well as to make private reproductions (Simple download and storage activity on your computer systems), as long as the items are intended for personal use only, as well as its use exclusively for journalistic purposes, as long as, in both cases, the integrity of the same is respected and it is identified that the original source has been the present Website belonging to ASPROMEC, any type of biased use contrary to its nature being expressly prohibited.

It's prohibited, outside the purposes expressly established in the previous paragraph, the use of the content of the Website, and its distribution, modification, assignment to third parties, as well as reproduction, transformation or public communication, through any means and technology, For this, the prior and express consent of ASPROMEC is required, constituting any action contrary to this text a violation of the regulations on industrial and intellectual property rights..

It is allowed however, the use of this website as long as its integrity is respected and it is identified that the original source has been this website belonging to ASPROMEC, being expressly prohibited any type of biased use and contrary to its nature.

ASPROMEC reserves the right to exercise the appropriate legal actions in defense of its rights..

3.- Safety

On this website we use the HTTPS protocol (SSL) to establish a secure communication channel between the server and the user to send their personal data. Providing this service through a secure server means guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information that is exchanged between the user's computer and said server., since an encrypted connection is established between the two, using the SSL protocol, that makes it impossible for third parties to access the information sent.

4.- Responsibility

  1. a) Generalities.

ASPROMEC's ​​interest is that this website works with maximum efficiency and fulfills the purpose for which it was created, but it is not responsible for any typographical errors., formal or numerical forms that the website may contain, nor the accuracy of the information contained therein, nor of possible malfunctions or anomalies in its operation due to, for example, to problems in the internet network or in the servers where the web page is hosted.

ASPROMEC does not guarantee that the website and the server are free of viruses and is not responsible for damages caused by accessing the website or by the inability to access it., or possible damage that may be caused to the computer, user's computer system, or the files stored in it, if the user's computer used to access this website is infected by viruses, of a malfunction of the browser or the use of non-updated versions of the same.

The user agrees to use this website loyally and legitimately and in accordance with the laws and uses of traffic.; also undertakes not to carry out any conduct that may damage the image, interests or rights of ASPROMEC or third parties or that may damage, disable, overload or impede in any way the normal use of this website.

ASPROMEC reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions that appear on this website as well as expand content, informations, etc, at any time and without prior notice and, therefore, recommends its consultation with a reasonable periodicity in case of changes in the same. Vd. You must read and the new legal notices and conditions of use of the website that may be incorporated. Otherwise, must refrain from its use and access, declining all responsibility ASPROMEC reserves the right to suspend and terminate access to the contents of the Website, as well as the services provided from the same.

  1. b) Links e hiperenlaces.

The websites owned by ASPROMEC may facilitate the link or access to other resources or websites of third parties., that we consider may be of interest to you or are necessary for the provision of some of the services on our websites, but in no event are such websites controlled by us.

The purpose of these links may be to facilitate the search for resources that may interest you on the Internet..

However, These pages do not belong to ASPROMEC, nor does it review its contents and, thus, cannot be held responsible for them, nor of the services, if any, provided, that appear and/or are available on said sites, of the operation of the linked page, of the use and processing of data that they may make, of the possible infractions that, in your case, they may commit or of the possible damages that may derive from the access or use of the same, The existence of the link does not imply any relationship between ASPROMEC and the persons or entities that own such content or the sites where they are located..

Therefore, ASPROMEC does not assume any type of responsibility related to the linked sites, nor is it responsible for its operation, of the contents and services hosted therein or of the possible links in turn contained in said linked sites.

We strongly recommend reading the corresponding legal notices and, very especially, the privacy policies of these pages before entering your personal data in them and in case of doubt we recommend that you contact these sites directly to obtain more information about their privacy policies.

If the user were aware of any illegality or inadequacy of the contents, services or any other activities carried out through a linked site, must notify ASPROMEC immediately so that it, in your case, can take the measures it deems appropriate.

Both the presentation of a page of this website on another that does not belong to ASPROMEC is expressly prohibited. (through the technique known as "framing" or any other for the same or similar purposes), such as the insertion of any type of content disseminated through it on a website other than this one through the technique called "in line linking", or any other for the same or similar effects, without the express consent of ASPROMEC

The web page on which it is established will not contain any logo, icon, brand, tradename, shop sign, denomination, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to ASPROMEC unless expressly authorized by it.

In any case, the establishment of the “hyperlink” will not imply the existence of relations between ASPROMEC and the owner of the web page or the Portal from which it is carried out., nor the knowledge and acceptance by those of said hyperlink. ASPROMEC will not be responsible for the contents or services made available to the public on the web page or Portal from which the “hyperlink” nor of the information and statements included therein..

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6.- Applicable legislation, jurisdiction and jurisdiction.-

In the event of conflict or dispute regarding the interpretation of these conditions, as well as on any point related to the services of this Website, the applicable Jurisdiction and Regulations will be Spanish., while the competent Courts will be those of Vitoria.