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Aspromec partner de ‘The Future of Industries’, an event that analyzes the Industry 4.0

Aspromec partner de ‘The Future of Industries’, an event that analyzes the Industry 4.0

The industrial and machining sector continues to advance on its way to Industry 4.0, an advanced production ecosystem, automated and interconnected consisting of a symbiosis between production methods and ICT. This new scenario entails new industrial ecosystems and new business models.

The Future of industries’ discusses the fourth industrial revolution

The online and free event, ‘The Future of Industries’, which one Aspromec it partner, will review the next 23 March the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and will feature renowned experts from the industrial sector.

Various investigations point out that the main obstacles to digital transformation in machining and the industrial sector is the uncertainty of the return on investment in new technologies., in the same way that the resistance to innovation and the lack of training of workers. Nonetheless, the industry 4.0 It is a revolution that cannot be stopped and combines technologies whose usefulness has already been verified by a large number of entities such as, for example, the IoT, el Big Data, the RPA, Cloud Computing or Cybersecurity, among other.

Attendees will learn about new automation models at ‘The Future of Industries’

To bring professionals in the sector closer to new forms of business automation, and optimize processes, The event ‘The Future of Industries’ has been created. A free online meeting that will allow attendees to learn why the industry 4.0 collects the most demanded and employable professions of the future.

Throughout the day, topics as important as what the Industry is 4.0 and how to become a smart factory, digital twins and their usefulness, How to use Artificial Intelligence with commercial impact and the future challenges of automation and robotics.

The program of presentations is made up of experts from the level of Lucia Royo, Innovation Manager en Electroingenium, javier porras, Director of Artificial Intelligence in Innovation at Unicaja Banco, big alice, R+D Project Manager at LIS Data Solutions, Albert Vidal, Director of Element Logic Spain, Andres Ponce de Leon, Co-founder and CEO of Entropía AI, Sandra Seijo, AI Senior Data Scientist at Ibermática and Jesus Andicoberry, Digital Consultant at Andiko, among others.

The event will take place next 23 March via streaming and in the IEBS own metaverse, from 18:00 h and ending at 20:00 h (Central European Time CET +1). It is possible to register for free at