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The Advanced Machine Tools makes the keys known to the sector in its first edition

Advanced Machine Tools

The Advanced Machine Tools makes the keys known to the sector in its first edition

The organizers of Advanced Machine Tools and Advanced Factories unveiled the past 15 March the main keys to the new exhibition couple, a benchmark for the advanced manufacturing sector. Aspromec, as supporting partner of the fair, was present at the exhibition. Albert Planas, CEO y Managing Director de Nebext, accompanied by Salvador Giró, President of Advanced Factories, Xavier Arambarri, presidente de Advanced Machine Tools, and Oscar Inigo, director of two Metal Industry congresses 4.0 Congress e Industry 4.0 Congress, reviewed the most relevant data of an appointment that expects more than 30.000 professional visitors between both shows.

Aspromec will be supporting partner of the Advanced Machine Tools

Advanced Machine Tools and Advanced Factories are two events organized by Nebext that will open their doors from 18 al 20 April to show the latest solutions in industrial automation, robotics, new technologies 4.0 and 3D Printing in the first case, and machine tools, deformation and sheet metal work, ‘tooling’, CAD CAM, metrology and quality control, etc., In a second. both rooms, what's more, they will have the dual format that defines them: exhibition space and professional congress.

During three days, Visitors who come to Advanced Factories and AMT – Advanced Machine Tools will be able to discover in two Fira Barcelona pavilions- Gran Via the latest developments in industrial automation systems, robotics, additive manufacturing, IA, digital twin, data analytics, cybersecurity or integrated production systems, as well as the latest solutions in cutting machinery, start, deformation, To be, drilling, milling, stamping, press or polish, among many other functionalities. All this from the hand of more than 500 exhibiting firms.

This was stated by its highest representatives during the official presentation at the Cercle d'Economia de Barcelona before some of the main exhibitors who have already confirmed their participation, emphasizing the increase in exhibition space compared to the last edition: "We tripled the occupied area", stated Planas, "occupying the pavilions 6 in the case of Advanced Factories, and the 7 Advanced Machine Tool”.

Advanced Machine Tools marks the return of machine tools to Barcelona

Special interest attracted AMT – Advanced Machine Tools, for being its first edition —and which will take place every two years so as not to coincide with the BIEMH in Bilbao— and for recovering a “machine-tool fair that is so necessary in the Catalonia area, Levante and Aragon”, in the words of Xabier Arambarri, who remembered that the last edition of a fair dedicated to this market was already 14 years.

The president of the room, what's more, placed special emphasis on the data, recently published by AFM Cluster, of a sector whose turnover in 2022 reached the 1.724 millions of euros, “cases a 10% more than 2020 and that we hope that 2023 is also good enough".

And it is that the metal sector is one of the sectors with the most weight within the Spanish industry, representing the 8% of Spanish GDP, according to the Confemetal employer. But like all industries, today faces the challenge of renewing its equipment with state-of-the-art technology based on automation and robotization. In this context, AMT – Advanced Machine Tools, which will take place from 18 al 20 April at Fira Barcelona – Gran Vía, will bring together more than 180 exhibiting firms that will present their latest innovations in deformation machinery, sheet metal bending and cutting. And in AMT you will find the machining companies you will find the new technologies of the industry 4.0, robotics and automation that allow them to optimize their productivity.

Con el lema “Where metal meets Technology”, of 18 al 20 of April, Advanced Machine Tools plans to bring together more than 14.000 metal professionals, in the field of machining milling and turning (molds and dies, cleavage, manufacturing, …) and of the conformed (boiler room, enclosures and structures, …), mostly professionals from subcontracting workshops who work for companies in the transport sector, automation, aeronautics, home appliances or construction, among others, but also manufacturers of capital goods such as catering machinery, agricultural, or metal construction machinery... who come to AMT looking for your industrial partner. "A space where you can find first-rate suppliers with subcontracting workshops", in the words of Albert Planas.