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In 2026 the market for collaborative robots will triple that of 2021

collaborative robots

In 2026 the market for collaborative robots will triple that of 2021

Los collaborative robots or cobots are helping different industrial sectors, among which is machining, can automate processes of repetitive and precise actions, increasing the performance of the production chain. Besides, contributes to reducing the creation of waste and, therefore, sustainability benefits. This will be translated into a growth of the cobot market.

sales of collaborative robots reached record numbers in 2021

The market of collaborative robots recovered after the pandemic and grew a 45%, translating into 31.325 units sold. This sales growth is expected to continue to grow strongly until 2026, with annual growth rates higher than 20%.

China continues to be the first market on the list, in fact, It is estimated that the market share will become 49,1% in 2021 until the 54,4% in 2026, at that time the annual units are expected to exceed the 50.000. It's more, annual growth rates for China are expected to be 2022 a 2026 be of 29%. On the opposite side is the American continent, which is estimated to generate the smallest market share, but still with an annual growth rate up to 2026 of 19,4%.

In 2026, the market for collaborative robots will triple compared to that of 2021, surpassing the 2.000 million dollars and which translates into 100.000 units. Besides, experts estimate that growth rates will continue to grow until 2030 in a 20%.

The companies of collaborative robots adapt to market needs

Collaborative robots have to respond to the requirements demanded by companies. The fields where this type of technology is experiencing a strong increase in sales are medicine, The education, logistics and catering, closely followed industrial environments such as machining. In this last, collaborative robots will be able to supply the lack of labor that is suffered in many cases.

The substitution given by collaborative robots to the operators, helps companies to protect themselves against uncertain scenarios such as those experienced with the Covid-19 pandemic. It must not be forgotten that the collaborative robots They are a very important vertex in intelligent manufacturing and a very precise complement in production chains. This type of automation translates into reduced costs.

To fully take over the industry 4.0, and the automation of processes in the machining sector, the full potential offered by collaborative robotics in manufacturing must be understood and assimilated. Since Aspromec We help machining companies and offer them personalized advice to be able to open up to new digitization technologies offered by the sector. Contact us for more information, writing to